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Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a written authorization to represent or act on another's behalf in private, legal, or business matters. The person authorizing the other to act is the principal, grantor, or donor of the power. The one entitled to act is the agent.

Power Of Attorney

A power of attorney allows you to name someone to make decisions on your behalf. This arrangement can take effect immediately if you become unable to make those decisions on your own.

You should consider having a power of attorney if:

  • You are employed in dangerous work conditions.
  • You have been diagnosed with a serious disease.
  • You travel out of the country frequently.

How Can Compton Law Help You?

Compton Law can help you decide which power of attorney is best-suited to meet your needs. We will assist you with the necessary paperwork, as well as selecting an agent who is capable of handling the responsibilities. The person you appoint will be responsible for making decisions that serve your best interests.

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