Estate Planning Services In Mesa Az

Estate Planning Services In Arizona

What Is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is the process of setting up a clear set of instructions about how your property and assets will be managed, both during your life and after your demise. Its main goal is to protect your family and the people you care about. Check the most frequently asked questions about estate planning in Arizona below.

Typically, the creation of an estate plan takes the client's needs and goals into account, which differ remarkably for each person. Still, the objective of the process is to guarantee that there is no ambiguity with estate distribution and probate management, as well as maximize your estate's value through effective tax planning and other financial tools.

Everyone needs to plan their estate, regardless of their property value or even whether they have any beneficiaries to consider. Of course, if you have a family and loved ones, their financial security and comfort are a priority.

If you have not planned these aspects of your estate, the legal system will pick someone to handle your asset administration and personal care management, and you'll have no power over them during your lifetime. After your death, your property will be distributed amongst your heirs according to intestate (dying without writing a will) succession rules, or go to the state if you have no family. Call Compton Law today and let our experience be your guide.